Las Villafuercas
Las Villasfuercas: Villasfuercas1 

Las Villasfuercas lie not too far away from Monfrague ... it's another destination for vultures. Eventhough there are scarce highway connections into the area, there are sufficient motorways to get to seriously beautiful scenery not frequented by tourist. Ours must have been the only car parked precariously along the roadside to view what must have been 150-200 great vultures congregating in the fields near Deleitosa ... what a sight that was.

While still at home, we originally wanted to book a house on top of a mountain village in the middle of the Las Villasfuercas in the tiny village of Cabanas del Castillo but decided against it in view of its extreme austerity. We decided to check what we missed out ... scenic mountains, old castle ruins, mountain trails. It's a very small place far away from quite a lot of amenities we needed ... the view surrounding is fabulous.
From the Las Villasfuercas one can continue onwards to Guadalupe ... our final destination after Monfrague. The route took us from Casas de Miravete, Deleitosa, Retamosa, Cabanas del Castillo, Solana, Berzocana, Canamero, Guadalupe, Castanar del Ibor, Navalmoral de la Mata and back to Monfrague. With plenty of packed sandwiches and drinks for the kids, we ended the long day with dinner in Plasencia before going back to the comfort of our hotel beds.

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