Amtersdam Schiphol Airport: Sheraton
The View
Ali and Aisya counting aeroplanes a day before Madrid ...

Upon verbal recommendations from friends, we made a booking for a triple room at NH Hotel in Leuwenhorst near Schipol via What was advertised as a triple room turned out to be actually a double room with an extra bed forced in ... there's hardly enough space left to walk to the bathroom. Apparently according to the front desk "this was the biggest room available", "there weren't any adjoining rooms existing in the hotel" and "all the other rooms are all fully booked" ..."we are conference hotel afterall".

Notwithstanding the fact that NH is a conference hotel, we were kind of hoping to get a room with some space for the kids to stretch their legs now and again. The next day we promptly checked out and moved into Sheraton at Schiphol Airport and got ourselves into one of the bigger king smart rooms ... both children were much happier roaming about the carpetted floor, and then there was a view to boot.

Spring in Spain