Sartajada : El Roblon

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Century oaks behind El Roblon, Ali braving the tall grass for a picnic.
Breakfast in the front garden tended by Snr Carlos himself.

Group photo with Snr Carlos and Snra Elena before departing to Caceras.

El Roblon is operated by two most amiable couple Snr Carlos and wife Snra Elena. Both were in the climbing-gear import-export business in their previous life and had decided to escape to the country to enjoy their present 3-day work week after making their intial millions. The property lies in the countryside near the San Gredos mountains at the edge of a small village called Sartajada. The 4 hectare compund is surrounded by century old oaks filled with birds (Iberian blue magpies, true nightingales) and tall grass. Adjoining the property are working farms of the villagers nearby. Accomodation is basic with ensuite bath but the interior is superbly decorated with knick-knacks and antiques of the region.

Things to do : relax and enjoy the countryside and Elena's excellent cooking of regional fare. Simple but delicious local food. There is a daily menu for dinner but with the children we requested for slight variations in type of food as well as mealtimes. In Spring the place is filled with the sounds of nesting birds. The fields burst with yellow, white and purple wildflowers. There is small river nearby where one can go spy on a rare freshwater turtle, white stork and wild ducks. Sartjada itself has a few interesting old houses, gift shops and a bar. There are many friendly old folks lounging around after seista in the main square and quaint little backstreets.

Spring in Spain