This presentation contains a selection of images made in December 2001. Images 1 & 2 were made on Fuji Neopan 1600, processed and printed in black and white but scanned as RGB in PS. The remaining images were made on Fuji Superia 100 or Kodak Proimage 100, scanned in color and channel mixed to monochrome in PS.

The first two images were made in Tok Bali when several villagers were busy pulling up their fishing boats from the river up to shore to protect them from being bashed to bits by seasonal giant monsoon waves. The presence of outsiders with cameras attracted several passers by as well as the local children. Some came to help the fishermen, we came to take pictures others just curious about strangers taking photos of what may seemed like mundane events in their eyes.

The remaining images were made at the Saturday market in Pasir Puteh. As long as I can remember Saturdays and Thursdays have always been the busiest market days in Pasir Puteh. With so much to see and so many people to bump into, most shoppers and vendors never really pay that much attention to a guy with a camera hanging around his neck. A little introduction and small talk goes a long way in building a positive rapport with the subjects. An interesting point I remembered at the market that day was the high number of people over age 50.
In all cases, the intention to photograph was made known to all subjects beforehand. The exposures were only made when subjects have slowly eased back into their normal routine. I have always found it easier to take pictures when people know exactly why these photographs are being made. IMHO, this approach helps break the suspicion barrier, some folks are more protective of their privacy than others ... being frank is better than a surprise flying shoe or worst. Personally I do not savor the thought of being caught candid on film, I assume everybody feels the same way.
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