Plasencia :  Plasencia1 
In our opinion, Plasencia is probably the second hippest city in Extremadura after Merida. While staying at Monfrague we made a couple of trips to Plasencia just because we like the place ... plus it has a Carrefour! We brought along limited clothing for the children so now and again we'd have to shop for them especially for Aisya who's by then a maestro at ruining her outfit with permanent foodstains. That's where we get all of our supplies of baby food and diapers while in Spain. It also has a nice informal self service restaurant serving typical Spanish food like paella, grilled meats and fish and octopus alongside the usual tapas fare. The town has a Tuesday market which dates back to the 12th century, held in the main square.
The city has an ancient aqueduct running right across town, there's an impressive old quarter with many old churches and synagogues still intact and in use. In springtime, busloads of tourists hit this northern part of Extremadyra for the cherry blossoms and almonds, so the local populace seemed accustomed to foreigners walking about looking lost in town. Next to Merida, Plasencia probably has the highest number of well-dressed middle-aged women about town. Everyone of them seemed to be donning large Gucci shades and sporting big hair ... and people watching starts very early in this town.


Spring in Spain