Monfrague : Hospederia Parc de la Monfrague
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There were three reasons for coming out to Spain : the history, the countryside and Monfrague for birds of prey. On our last leg of the holiday we spent eight days at the Parc de la Monfrague. A pre-arranged booking at a small b&b turned out to be a dud ... in the end we ended up at the Hospederia de Parc de la Monfrague.
On the phone it sounded like a spacious double storey appartment quite suitable for a family of four. Upon arrival it turned out to be just two double room joined vertically ... a bedroom and bathroom on the upper level, kitchen and living room on the lower level. Though the service and facilities were four stars we somehow preferred the space, privacy and coziness of our Virgen de la Cabeza house (2 stars). However the the park and animals made it all perfect again by the end of our first day!

Spring in Spain