my miri
Miri was declared a City 20th May 2005. Feverish catching up activities accompanied the city status proclamation. New flower pots and flower beds to be put up, new sculptures to be built, new museums, new parks and all new colorful lighting for the city streets among others. And of course new roads and drainage. It must have been truly hectic for the city forefathers and planners. A happy bunch make these Miri developers and construction contractors..

Honestly, I prefer Miri the way it was before City day ... the early days of a pioneer oil town. Interesting corner cafes, old wooden shophouses and crowded little streets and markets especially on the weekends. It had a truly fascinating character of its own, not as much can be said of many other bigger and more modern city it's size in Sarawak.

installment one
installment two
installment three
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