These images were made on Velvia 50 (rated at 40) with a Yashica MG-1 RF equipped with Yashinon 45/2.8 lens, a compact RF from mid 70s.

All scanning work is carried out on Nikon's Supercoolscan 4000ED at 720 dpi output and 4x oversampling, all PS postprocessing involved the following for all images: adjust levels; unsharp mask 100/0.3/0 and unsharp mask 20/40/0 for local contrast adjustments. Further cropping and B&W conversions (or other extra PS if any) are detailed in the individual captions.

Now, the MG-1 is my constant companion ... it's almost weightless and very non-descript. Keeping it simple (and cheap) works out rather well in the case of this Yashica ... considering that it's almost 30 years old and cost only EUR25!

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