Merida : Parador Merida
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A city founded by Augustus in 25 BC, Merida (Roman name: Augusta Emerita) is littered with many fine Roman monuments. Templo de Diana and Arco de Trajano are right smack in town ... Puente de Guadiana and the Moor's Alcazaba are located further at the edge of old town. Pictured here from the top : white storks nesting from our room at the parador, Los Milagros aquaduct, Puente De Guadiana spanning across Rio Guadiana and Templo de Diana. The population of Merida also seems "hipper" compared to that of smaller towns like Trujillo, Caceras or Valencia de Alacantara, befitting it's status as the capital of Extremadura.

The Parador itself originated from a former 18th century convent, built on the remains of a temple dedicated to Concordia de Augusto. Artifacts from the Roman period discovered during the construction of the parador is displayed along the hallway as well as in it's own reconstructed Roman temple.

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