June and Ali's Day in the Sun
June and Ali spending their last few minutes together in the front gardens of El Roblon in Sartajada, Spain May 2003.
A quick introduction two nights before in the living room of Snr Carlos' home, where both refused to acknowledge each other, turned the two into fast buddies the very next day. Both shy at first but running around after each other in seconds as if they've known each other forever. El Roblon was never the same again the few days that followed, the tranquility of the quiet hide away was completely shattered. Pure pleasure from simple game of cat and mouse, hide and seek ... children are amazing that way and these two don't even speak the same language ... June speaks Catalan coming from Northern Spain and Ali speaks only English/Dutch coming from the Netherlands (aside from uno, dos, tres ..). The few hours that they were together over the span of three days seems like eternal bliss to both of them with either parents unable to control the gigling and laughter that each generates from the other. Wonder whether they'll remember the time they were together and the fleeting happiness they shared under the Spring sun?