A late afternoon frolic at Bakam Beach 08.2007
  Twice a month if not three, we will be at Bakam Beach enjoying the sun and the sand. More often that not we are there every Sunday ...morning or evening especially if it's a low tide day like this day in August. There's hardly anyone at the beach most times, this spot being only 30 minutes from the center of town. We are not complaining ... less people, the better. We claim the whole stretch of beach as ours!

There is now a proper sealed small parking lot fronting the beach.
The children just love running around after nothing in particular ... perhaps it's the open space, perhaps it's the fresh air, perhaps it's the soft sand. It's always difficult having to pack them back into the car at the end of the day. Flavored ice-pops from GK normally does the trick.

It's also good opportunity for them to explore the life forms at the beach. Or tag along the local fishermen casting nets checking out the catch of the evening.

Three years on, life in Miri for the kids is still mostly beach ... on the weeekend at least!