A roadtrip to Semporna : Tawau
  When we arrived Tawau, our suite was waiting ... it's a small but nicely decorated room on the 1st floor of Heritage Hotel ... must have been the bridal suite. There was drapes aplenty.

The PhotoMalaysia crew comprising of Uncle Yusoff, Uncle Fazli and Uncle Peter were all set for dinner by the time we finished unloading the car. A few quick minutes to clean up and change later, we were all downstairs in the hotels small lobby getting ourselves introduced. Ali enjoyed the company of adults ... fielding all kinds of questions and asking a few of his own to his new found "friends".
  The seafood in Tawau is reputedly the best and freshest in Malaysia. Sourced mostly from fishermen from the area who in turned sourced their catch from the abundant Sulu Sea. Pelagics and coral species were standard fare. Ali had a field day taking photos of the fare in the restaurants live fish section ... beautiful coral fish, lobsters and shell fish, all intended for the table at a price.
  The discussion at the table lingered around the next day's trip to Semporna and the islands. We were planning to drive to Semporna early morning, catch an early an early boat to Maiga and then be back in Semporna to explore the kampongs dotting the bay.
  While in Tawau Ali made the acquintance of Ruben, Uncle Peter's eldest son. They clicked at the word go. By the time introductions were over, the two were busy reciting lists of favorite toys they each had.
They ran around after each other and made pictures of one another using Daddy's handphone and digital P&S. Ali introduced Aisya to Ruben using the video of Aisya he had made on the phone not long ago.
  Though the time they were together was short, each promised to see each other again soon. Both promised to bring along their most favorite toys.
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