Roadtrip to Semporna 04.2007
  Our first Dad and son roadtrip! We made our way to Semporna by land to meet up a bunch of Daddy's friends who were checking out Tawau and Semporna for their upcoming PhotoMalaysia Crossing Bridges project. We left Miri on the Kota Kinabalu destined Air Asia early on Wednesday morning.

What follows are a few stop overs we made in our brand new rented Waja along the route to Tawau/Semporna. The Waja was left not so new after we left for Miri a week later.
It was a tough slog ... canned nescaffe, coffee, moca, all manner of junk food ... all piled up in the car. More junk tv shows at the stop-over hotels. We had fun though. The car was returned smelling of coffee, fish cakes ... thank God, no vomit.

Ali slept most of the way with a little headache due to the constant undulating terrain through mountain roads and bad road construction, however during most of his waking hours we had ample opportunity to shoot the breeze, talking about what father and son should spend time yakking about at his age. The week was too short.

Aisya's been egging to go on a road trip too since we got back. She's doing Kuching with Daddy one of these days.