Mother's Day at Marriot Miri 11-14.05.2006
  Mother's Day is perhaps the best excuse for a bit of R&R in the month of May. Mommy's ultra-busy schedule the past couple of weeks and Daddy's mad rush-about during the same period called for some quality family time. Friday's Wesak Day (translates to a day off school and work) means a long weekend leading to Sunday's Mother's Day ... timing just can not be better. So off we went and spent the next few days at Miri's very own resort-spa : The Miri Marriott. It's two hills down from where we are staying or about 5 minutes away. It's anice change once in while ... room service and breakfast at the Zest instead of roti-canai at Bismillah's Cafe!
Three days of swimming in the pool proved too much for Aisya, by the 3rd morning she's down with a mild fever!
Ali on the other hand was convinced that we should just move in to the hotel ... or build ourselves a swimming pool in the backyard. Of course we'd have to ask Uncle Chai's permission first! At least he's aware that we can't siply go around digging swimming pools any where we want.

There are several things these kids like about hotels : the cable tv, the swimming pool, the junk food in the minibar and the restaurant. They are happiest running around chasing each other and playing hide and seek in the bedsheets, even happier with the cartoon channels switched on till late at nite. Better still with potatoe chips lying about to go with the carbonated drinks ... lucky Mommy is in tow and permanently on her toes!
  Gawai Holidays are coming up .... almost a week of no school!