Life's a Beach (on holidays and weekends anyways) 31.04.2006
  If there is one thing we all like to do ... that would be spending warm, cloudy days on the beach collecting seashells, watching the fisherfolk do their thing and play in the white beach sands. We are blessed in part because Miri has one of the longest stretch of sandy beaches we have ever been fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of. Other than Tanjong Lobang Beach, the rest are not frequently visited except by those eke-ing a living out of the sea. And course we'd be more than happy to spread a blanket or two with a camping chair and just watch them.
  There are a few beaches which are among our favorites: Kg Beraya Beach, Piasau Boat Club Beach, Bekenu/Tusan Beach, Tanjong Lobang Beach and Kg Batu Satu Beach. Top on our list has to be Kg Beraya Beach ... most secluded, sandiest and with the least number of beach-goers (we'd be the only people there sometimes!). Second would have to be Bekenu/Tusan Beach but perhaps due to its being further afield than the others, we only frequent Bekenu/Tusan when we are bringing visitors or on the days we are extremely early than our usual 8 or 9 am beginning of day.
  What do we do there on these beaches? Well, plenty. Make sand castles, collect seashells for (Mom's) future handicraft projects, collect stray corals for (Dad's) floral arrangement projects, check out crabs, dabs, fish or whatever little critters that wash ashore and get caught in our scoop net. We've seen lobster crab, dead giant jelly fish, stranded puffer fish, krills (jumping), prawns and mantis shrimps. On weekends we'd be lucky to tag along shore fishermen when they pull up the nets ... full of little fishes and crabs or terubok. Or sometimes we'd just float around in the water when the sea's not especialy rough.
  We've got our food sorted too. There's always fruits, cookies and plenty of water which we bring along from home or purchase at one of the breakfast stalls in Kampung Luak. In Bekenu we'd just shop in the town market before heading to the beach. Somehow appetites are bigger when you are busy doing things instead of sitting in front of the tv or computer screen. Afterall running around, building sand castles and beachcombing do require plenty of energy!
  Low tide days are the best ... plenty of sand to play on and more timid waves. And you have no time limit, no worries about the impending tide that might cut you off from (Dad's) car. Depending on the tides, our favorite time would be from 9 am onwards, normally till about lunchtime. On other days it'd be from 4:30 pm till sunset. Oh, Beraya sunsets are simply divine ... except for the gnats and sandflies that come out as soon as the sun goes down.
  Miri ... luckily life here is not all school, piano and mandarin lessons ... most of it is also beach, sand and surf!