Finally (intro after 10 months) Miri!
  After nearly 10 months back home in Miri, we finally more or less settled ... albeit everyone is still missing Rolde once in a while. The kids would mention Rolde here and again, Daddy miss the weather and Mommy her three-day work week!

We left Schiphol mid Dec 2004, no major incidents on the plane or at both airports. Oh, yes a box of Godiva costs MYR$184 in KLIA, when we left Amsterdam the same pack goes for EUR$34 or EUR$18 when on sale. That was a small rude awakening to everybody! There won't be too many Godiva gifts going around this time anymore.

We were back in Petaling Jaya for a week or so with Loke's family and playing catch up with Malaysian food. Everyone was totally intent on getting overdosed on Chinese dim-sum, sugarcane drinks and all that Section 17 market has to offer. Meeting up and getting familiar with relations was definitely exciting for the children. And of course getting all the toys from Grandpa, Grandma and uncles and aunties, making up for lost years. Both met for the first time cousin Alisa. Aisya and Ali had the baked red complexion the first couple of weeks ... the rosy cheek syndrome of time overseas. And a day later mosquito bites and bloody noses ... all that comes with warm tropical weather and close quarters city living.
  After PJ, we were on the road for a few days. We drove from KL to Pasir Puteh before reaching our second destination, Tok Wan's house. Another week of warm weather, more food and sugarcane drink. Here Ali and Aisya met for the second time (the first was 4 years ago) their cousins Hafidz and Irfan, Amir, Fatin and Ika. They weren't missing Rolde then. In Pasir Puteh the kids got the fill of sand, sun and surf. Daily picnic on the beach was the order of the day. Shorts and flip-flops for both Ali and Aisya. Quite different from being bundled up all year round while in Holland (except for the 3-4 weeks sunny summer weather).
  In the meantime, we've managed to get a house we like in a neighbourhood which we are comfortable with. We bought two cars we thought were appropriate and secured places in schools for both Ali and Aisya where they'll be happy in. We're not exactly on track for normal days again but we are getting there surely.

With both Mommy and Daddy on 5 day work week, both children are out of the house on weekdays. Ali attends Sri Mawar Kindergarden in the morning and Montessori tuition in the afternoon. Aisya attends Montessori Pelangi in the morning and Montessori tuition in the afternoon. Thursday evenings Ali goes for Mandarin tuition with Mommy, Aisya goes for music class after Montessori. Saturdays Ali goes for his music lessons before lunch and art lclass in the afternoon.
  Ali is doing well in school and so is Aisya. They are making friends despite the rough 3-4 weeks at the start (which involved kicking, screaming and dragging!). Once they speak the local lingo (plenty of "Maah!", "Ya-loh!", "How come?"), all seems ok. No more stroopwaffels and potatoes, now they into mee kolok and roti canai. They do however still take exception to having hagel-slags with their bread for their daily breakfast. They've somehow forgotten most (if not all) of their Dutch and aggressively picking up Malay, Manglish and Mandarin.
  Obviously a lot more has taken place in the lives of our children in the recent 10 months since moving back to home ground but those are minor details that almost every parent and child goes thru as a result of drastic change in their lives one of which is relocation. Most important perhaps is to realise their resillience and ability to adapt, enjoy and make the most of their newly found environment. As both Ali and Aisya would go: "Ya-loh! I want to go to my favorite beach everyday."