More late summer antics
  The two kids are vaguely aware of our eventual return to Malaysia end of the year. Ali looks forward to the day, Aisya on the other is still ambivalent about the whole deal. Having just returned from her March trip home, she's simply not awed by the prospect as Ali is. While her brother spoke fondly of warm weather, meeting grandparents, shorts and flip-flops she revels more in mentioning her friends at the creche and the Rolde playgroup and our occasional family cycling trips to the nearby woods.
  That's what we did most summer ... if we are not visiting some new places in the Netherlands, we would be having mini picnics in the nearby woods at home. The children enjoy the short cycling trips and running around in in the woods in the slightly cooler temperature of late summer. There's plenty of woods withing 30 minutes cycling from our house.
Otherwise we would be monkeying about in the house or go on sheep spotting drives around Assen!
School is going well for Ali ... he enjoys his new friends, teachers and the school playground. Mostly the school playground!