A trip to Limburg to see Thomas The Tank Engine
  Geurendal Nature Preserve Steam Trains in Simpleveld  Thomas's Special Day

After weeks of searching the web and calling proprietors on the phone, Mommy finally narrowed down our choices to three holiday homes in and around Simpleveld for the trip down to Limburg. We finally pinned it down to a small vacation house in a tiny farm on Tuinstraat, Etenake about 3kms away from Schin op Geul, the last stop for steam trains plying the Schin Op Geul-Wittem-Eys-Simpleveld-Kerkrade route. Since the week in Limburg was planned by Mommy specifically for Ali and Aisya (and Daddy) to see steam trains, the choice of base location for the week seems appropriate.

The area is also within 10 km radius of choice nature spots in Limburg as well as being a popular vacation destination for locals ie. areas surrounding Valkenburg. We were there a week ahead of the May vakanties so there still weren't that many people around.

We were greeted by Yolanda's parents and their dog Diana upon arrival. The house itself was fabulous, owned by an enterprising middle aged couple Jacques and Yolanda who also owns a small supermarket in nearby Schin op Geul. Nearby were several farmsteads with cows, sheeps and the odd chickens. There were also several deers and other farm animals kept by Yolanda's parents in the mini petting zoo in the backgarden.