Easter Weekend in 't Loo
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  One good thing about bungalow parks is that they seriously cater for family holidays. There are all kinds of recreation facilities and activities specifically designed for a quality family outing. Bicycles, bolderwagens, kinderfietse, midget golf, tennis, heated swimming pool, a huge sandbank/beach by the manmade lake ... the list is endless. There are several restaurants, cafes as well as a supermarket for those who prefer their own culinary adventures.

We stayed in for dinner the first day but went for pannenkoeke (the ubiquitous Dutch kiddie food) and pizza at the family restaurant on the second day. Ali and Aisya were not the only ones misbehaving at the dinner table we found out, so were every other kid that was there! And just like Ali and Aiysa, they all went for ice-cream first and pannenkoeke last. Half standing on his chair, Ali picked up the goblet holding the vanilla ice cream that were supposed to accompany his sweet pannenkoeke (half eaten) and slurped down whatever's left of the melting ice-cream without anyone batting and eyelid ... he was making slurping noises too! Unfortunately Daddy was too slow to capture the moment on camera.