Easter Weekend in 't Loo
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  't Loo isn't hard to find if you know how to read the map or follow directions. The suggested route from the brochure obviously wasn't exciting enough for us, so we went driving around Kampen a couple of times, stopped by Hattem to check out their Albert Heines, drove thru Weppen and finally fumbled thru to 't Loo bungalow via some obscure village roads straddling A28. We checked into our bungalow at half past four.

The weekend just happens to be the day of the International Sidecar GP500 or something rather, huge crowds of campers were stationed just outside the bungalow park. Spillovers were also staying at the park, busloads of British sidecar enthusiasts including busloads of Spanish youths and many German families. There were also a few quiet Dutch families celebrating Easter complete with Easter eggs with Opa and Oma. The evenings (at least the first night) were filled with muffled rumblings of sidecar engines making their rounds thru the track.

We took a 6 person kinder bungalow specifically for the extra beddings and toys for the children. Ali and Aisya take to new toys very quickly so we don't normally travel with too many of their own kit from home.