Spring's first outing March 2004
  First thing we did upon the arrival of Spring this year was to check out the flea market in Eelde. Ali have always enjoyed a day in the outdoors, so does Aisya. Ali savors the interaction with other folks aside from Mom and Dad and Aisya just like to roam about by herself ... until she's tired that is.

Now that his vocabulary is such that he can hold a "conversation", Ali never gives up an opportunity to do just that ... with anyone that passes by. Normally starts with "Hallo!" or "Hi!" ... then he either moves on to his shoes "Kijk! Mijn new schoenen." or "Kijk! Mijn new hat." At Eelde he was particularly overjoyed with the stempel he got on the back of his hand upon entry. This time around he was excited at the prospect of meeting the "fleas" like those found on Eddie's back in one of Maysiemouse's episodes.

Aisya on the other hand takes the opportunity to absorb the best she can all the new sights and sounds around her. At almost 2 years old (she'll be two this summer) her vocabulary is still a bit limited to the few basic words though she mimicks any new words rather well. And she prefers to just go off by herself walking unassisted.
  In the afternoon we went off for a short jaunt in the woods not 15 minutes away from Rolde. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to be outdoors, it's a nice day though still a bit chilly. The temptation to be indoors watching another run of "Bod" or "Trumpton City" is too great. Ali's collection of CDs and DVDs grows very fast with Mom's active collecting and on most days he'd rather be watching these than do anything else. But once outdoors both kids quickly pick out more interesting things to do by themselves ... even an odd stick can take their mind off the dvd in seconds. Having said that, the educational part of some of the dvds is difficult to refute however implausible that seems.