Aisya's Trip to Malaysia March 2004
  Aisya has not seen both sides of the family (except for Auntie Claris and Uncle Richard) since she was born here in Assen. So Mommy and Aisya made a short trip home in March. Persistent "rumours" of her being difficult was finally confirmed at least by some members of the family including Mommy herself. Aisya we found tend to be more independent than Ali was and knows exactly what she wants ... if she gets her way, everything is just dandy. Daddy is reminded of several family members with that exact same trait. Two weeks is also perhaps too short for her to bond with the grandparents really but she manages quite well as seen in these pictures.
  Upon returning from Malaysia, Mommy and Aisya were met at the Sciphol airport by Ali and Daddy. Aisya was really glad to see the only two people she's most familiar with and a rumpus starts almost iimmediately we entered the room. Mommy was instead secretly missing her tidy home environment and just couldn't wait to drive back to Rolde. Sheraton just don't cut it.