The Last Days of Summer 2003
  With the subscription to Emmen Zoo, we felt compelled paying the animals a visit every now and again. What the children enjoy most is probably seeing other kids running around and making impromptu acquaintances. Ali seemed to crave the company of others his age, Aisya couldn't be bothered just yet.
  Visiting other Malaysian families can also be quite a highlight for the children especially for Ali, it's even more so when there are other children around. Being the youngest in the group at such gatherings however have its advantages and disadvantages ... the other bigger kids don't know what to do with him but he's always popular with the aunties. The fact that he's probably more proficient in Dutch than English doesn't help his interaction with the primarily English speaking Malaysian children. Aisya on the other hand still prefers to hang on to Mommy or Daddy ... or just explore on her own. She's more difficult to get on with other people other than Mom and Dad, by the time she gets comfortable with the other parents it's already about time to leave.