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Pictured above, the Arco de la Estrella ("Arc of the Star"), built by Manuel Churriguera in 1726. The arc forms the main entrance point to the old quarter of Caceras. The city, founded by Diego García de Ulloa was declared a World Heritage site in 1949 (Spain's first among many).

Our hotel, the former 14th century Torreorgaz Palace (PALACIO DEL SIGLO XIV ) was built on Arabic foundations. It has a door with a lintel and a Baroque coat of arms and is located in the heart of the historical and artistic quarter of Cáceres. With only 18 rooms, our last minute booking at the Parador on a weekend depended solely on our lucky star. The star was not particularly bright that day, though we did manage to get a room ... it must have been not too far away from the old dungeon! On the upside, the bathroom mirror was enormous!


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