Valencia de Alicantara: Virgen dela Cabeza

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The House

At 662 m altitude, Virgen dela Cabeza is in the midst of tranquility and quietness of the Valencia de Alicantara countryside. We found out later that evening from Snr Emilio Castillo that the closest supermarket is half a hour away by car and so is the closest restaurant in a little village called Acena de la Borrega. Though there are several farming properties in the vicinity they are hidden among the hills and oaks and very far between. No immediate neighbors ... just perfect!

The Countryside

We arrived during what seemed to be late spring, greeted by willowing poppies alongside as we entered a small road leading to Acena. There were vibrant colors all around us nicely backdropped against the gray rocks of the San Pedro mountains. The arduos drive on unsurfaced dirt road through winding hillsides from Acena to our home for the next two weeks was well worth it afterall.

At night for every night that we were there, nightangles sang. We also spotted a fox, a griffon vulture (twice) while driving up and down to the village ... they are huge.

Spring in Spain