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  Winter 2002
Ali's standing up and saying "No!" is getting more regular these days. The creche clearly explained that he's merely learning to express himself and testing the limits of his surroundings, nothing to worry about ... it's just a phase he's going thru. He does it more and more, one of the leidsters even reported one day that Ali had totally lost his ears refusing to listen to anyone at school. Ali would you like to eat? NO! Ali would you like to bathe? NO! Ali would you to to change diapers! NO! I DON'T LIKE TO EAT. NO! I DON'T LIKE TO TAKE A BATH. NO! I DON'T TO CHANGE DIAPERS! Whatever you say his answer is "no" ... at home he normally listens to Mommy, to Daddy only after his deserved punishment!
 Minutes after the big storm!
Ali's biggest public tantrum so far must have been the time we visited the Modelbahn Exposition near Utrecht in January of this year, he proved to both Mommy and Daddy that he can compete with the best of them. The minutes before entering the crowded hall Ali was already finding it difficult to contain his excitement over the big number of strange faces around him. Moments after entering the hall, he practically forgot about Mommy, Daddy and Aisya accompanying him. He dashed to the right, dashed to the left maneuvering his little self around what could have been hundreds of legs inching the cramped hall of the model train exhibition area. He was clearly excited about the trains, "Choo-choo trains, choo-choo trains!" he'd point to everyone that bothers to look, by then Mommy and Daddy realised that they have totally lost control ... a crowded cramped place is not a good place to be chasing your kids around. Ali was hoisted out of the hallway by one hand kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs clearly protesting.