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Summer 2002
Summer is probably the best time for Ali. He can run around outdoors without fear of catching cold (actually Mommy's and Daddy's fear). Summer normally is not too long here in Holland, before we realised the days were already alternating with cool rainy days. Mid summer, Auntie Claris left for Malaysia after spending the whole of July with Ali and Aisya in Rolde.
 Ali sitting by the river Hunze watching insects and dragonflies. Below, Ali and Auntie Claris in the potato fields of Rolde. Being near the countryside has its advantages, plenty of farm animals and critters in the fields for Ali to see, explore and wonder at ... the only snag is getting him off the bicycle. Once he's on it he usually doesn't want to get off.
He's also still very much interested in small stones and pebbles. While collecting berries one summer day, he was constantly diverted by the sight of these shiny small objects, so instead of collecting berries (which he enjoys eating) he ended up collecting pebbles.