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During the four weeks of Auntie Claris's visit, there wasn't much time to show her around. So Ali and Auntie ended up at the usual sights towards the end of Auntie's stay in the Netherlands ... the big dike, Medemblik, Enkhuizen, the zoo, the Hunnebedden, cycle ride thru the countryside and of course Assen's day market. Most days were spent indoors with Aisya and Mommy. The best outing must have been the monkey zoo in Appeldoorn, too bad Ali didn't get to view the feeding of the gorillas ... the day was getting too hot, Ali's getting tired, Aisya's restless and so was everybody else.
Fabulous summer weather at the dike ... stick to Kodak/Fuji film ASA 160 or below for smaller grain size ... these are on Konica VX 200! The grain is a big as a refrigerator!