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A selection of favorite words from Ali ... garden, purple flower, beetle, horses (houses), pider (spider), nake (snake), shark, orca, whale, seal, tiger (accompanied by a roar), lion (same roar), sheep, gorilla, cow (easy being in Rolde), dolphin, pig, chickeng mammam, fly (applies to fly, butterfly, dragonfly, french fries), ant pok pok (flattening the poor ant), caterpillar, bajus (supposed to be baju), trousers, mandi, basah, nice rice, potato, trousers, oh nee (oh no), hip hip horray, song, music, where where (accompanied with both hands up and a simultaneous half twirl of the palm) ... he can't say computer which turns out sounding like kompuka, bicycle turns out sounding like baikika. He suprised Grandmother Kamariah with a Goodmorning, grandma recently ... she muttered something about her having to start taking English lessons before Ali's return to Malaysia.