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Playtime in the back garden.
  Auntie Claris came for a visit prior to the new baby's arrival, Ali has a new friend to occupy him during the summer months other than his usual garden friends. When Aisya was born 2nd of July at the hospital, Auntie Claris kept Ali real busy with fun mealtimes and playtimes as well as plenty of Sesame Street sing alongs while Mommy and Daddy were occupied with little Aisya. He took to Aisya quite well on the very first day, he kissed her the day she arrived and cried with her when she cried. It was probably more of a shock for him to hear this small moving thing in a crib suddenly gave out a loud bawl!

Towards the end of July Ali is already competing with Mommy to cradle Aisya. There is some show of "jealousy" towards his little sister but it's not so bad, he would push her off his favorite pillow or pull a toy away but most of the time (when Mommy and Daddy are watching anyway) he would caress her, kiss her and touch her hands and feet. On time he threw tantrums for not getting something he wanted, he took out his frustrations on Aisya by throwing his bottle at her. Ali knows not to go overboard when "expressing himself" especialy if Aisya is bearing the brunt of it ... Mommy is always close by.

With Auntie's departure, Ali is left with only his new sister to play with. It will just so for the next few years and he will learn to be a good big brother to his little Aisya. And Mommy and Daddy will make sure he learns this well.
Cradling Aisya towards the end of July.
Cradling his new desert camo truck, a present from Grandpa Loke ... same affection!