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 Ali in various poses at home.
    June ... summer's here and it's getting warm. The rain never actually lets up except for the few days at the start of May. Even so temperature hovers around in the teens and sometimes low twenties, on rare exceptions to high twenties ... the sun peeks out on many days though much less than last year. Ali gets to spend more time out in the garden pottering about if the weather is a bit warmer than usual. With the new baby coming, we decided not to do too much travelling ... Mommy is mostly resting and catching up household chores before the big day. Dad's fixing up the garden ... Ali ends up watching CNN on most days!
 Rosy cheeks on Ali.
    The summer months saw Ali developing red spots on his cheeks, what looked like a rosy complexion in the beginning turned out to be a mild form of ecxema. A visit to the dermatologist and several copious applications of cream later his facial skin regains its softness and original complexion ... alas without the patch of "rosy" cheeks.

Ali hasn't yet developed any complex repertoire of verbal protest verses or expressions other than his "Nee! Nee!" (when he doesn't want something) or his "Mijn! Mijn! Mijn!" (when he wants something), detecting his level of disapproval over certain things can be difficult ... at best it's a guessing game on our part as parents in so far as trying to figure out what affects him, positively or otherwise. Mommy claims to have a Phd in theoretical child psychology so she understands these things better than Daddy!
 The thumb seems to be his solace in uncertain situations.