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 Typical scenes in Enkhuizen, a historical port city and popular weekend destination for Nederlanders.
    The week before Maastricht, we spent a weekend in Enkhuizen. The city holds an important place in Dutch history, its streets are full of old monuments with interesting architecture and its port is filled with skutjes and yachts. The city's long sailing tradition dates back to the glory days Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) with its warehouses still present today on one of the city streets.
We stayed in a small hotel at the end of Westerstraat, a bustling trading street dominated by VOC warehouses, church and the city's gateway in it's heyday. We decided on a proper dinner in the hotel restaurant and miraculously we managed to actually sit down to enjoy our food right up to the moment before the arrival of desert. Ali protested wildly to being strapped to the chair for so long, we had to leave. Might as well, it was great while it lasted .... We learnt a while ago that days of long winded civilised dining is next to impossible without a baby sitter.
 Ali romping around after a lunch of fried kiblings and potatoes.Skutje, a traditonal Dutch sailing ship.
 Old houses and fort dating back to the 1500s.