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    We spent a week in Maastricht mid April, Ali didn't enjoy the drive too much but was excited to be in a new surroundings and an entire different house. Our house for the week had parquet flooring ... he got very excited about the "thump" the floor made everytime he stamped his foot ... he was testing it for a full five minutes the first time we entered the house. The stairway leading up to the bedroom was also slightly higher ... he kept "threatening" to climb up but he never made it further than the fourth step fortunately!
Ali advertising the goodness of vitamin C at Lenculenstraat 19A kitchen.
Pet bird enthusiasts and bird cages in Antwerp.
  Our trip to Antwerp early in week was rather disappointing due to rainy weather. What promised to be a sunny day early morning ended up in a downpour by the time we left Brussels late afternoon. The bird market we were looking for turned out to be a minor weekly affair amidst a huge weekend market for the rest of the other stuff. Ali goes "Aak! Aak! Aak!" whenever he sees big birds, this was a result of his happy encounter with a pet cuckatoo in Meppel's birdmarket. He's so fond of the little feathered friends that we've decided to make trips to birdmarkets as a treat for him. He also saw some chickens and larger than life Belgium ducks!
An house by River Jeker and Ali in Vrijhoft chasing pigeons.