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    Ali can amuse himself with quite a wide range of mundane household items, his attraction to new toys lasts just for so long. Most of the time he'd rather be tinkering about with forks and spoons, empty film canisters, or anything else he can pick up around the house. He has a collection of soft toys that he hardly even look at other than the first day they were bought, even the supposedly stimulating multi-colored wooden blocks are given scant attention except when somebody else tries to have a go with them (Daddy in this case). He seems to show himself extremely capable of keeping himself occupied without bothering his parents. The toy computer that we bought for him in Miri on the previous homeleave gives him much joy ... he's now capable of mimicking "Music. Choose a song." and then pressing the correct enter key to select his favorite nursery rhymes. "This ol' man" and "Twinkle, twinkle little star" remain his favorite.