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      Ali at 14 months of age, he now walks, talks and throw tantrums. He mimics quiet well too! Still hoping for his first twenty words ... so far he's thrown in a few like Cat, Dog, Papa, Mama, Berh (bird), Rijs, Auto, Motor, Lamp (the Dutch pronunciation), Mammam (for food), Appe (Appel), Shoes, Jatuh and a few others which we couldn't make out. He's taken to babytalk too, and walking.

We were kind of anxious to see him take his first few steps, of course he had to do it at the daycare first instead of in front of our videocam!
      Ali finally took his first few big steps on a Friday evening to the beat of Pink's latest hit which was later followed by Bubba Sparx's "Ugly"! Unfortunately, Mommy was at AH's shopping for groceries. But never fear, Daddy got it on tape!
      He's not fussy about being photographed, sometimes even poses for the lens. It's like play, just like when he was little. He's still fascinated by the blinking red led light of the flash and of the digicam. In case of the flash, he'd stare at it until startled by the burst of light from the flash gun ... explains the on and off frozen expression. He excels most in available light ... with the music on!