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Towards the third week Aisya sleeps most of the day, stays awake during the early part of the night and wakes up again twice after midnight. As far as food is concerned, she's getting a mix of both breastmilk and formula milk. With breast feeding she almost always doze off half-way thru and cry for a second feeding minutes after you put her back into her crib. It's easier feeding with a bottle, pack up about 90 ml of breastmilk or formula milk, she'll go thru it in one sitting with a half time in the middle (burping if you can get it, most of the time it's only drool!). Once she consumed an entire 150 ml with a 90 + 60 split ... of formula milk!

And she likes to be carried! If she's taking her nap there had better be no sound around her, she'd be squirming followed by crying the minute she hears anything other than herself in the room. To quiet her down again she has to be cradled around the house ... but don't think of putting her back into her crib, she'll have none of that.