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The first few days, Aisya woke up almost every two hours ... a strain initially but turned out okay after a few days practice! Mommy was tired out after a while but managed to get back onto her feet in no time. Daddy & Aunty Claris kept Ali happy while Mommy concentrated on the new member of the family with both helping out when needed. Henny was an added bonus during the day.

A nurse from the consultatie bureau came on day 10th and a week after that to check on Aisya's progress as well as to give her the heel prick. A monthly visit to the local baby clinic was then arranged for Aisya to get her monthly general checkup by the resident paedietrician. As Aisya grows bigger the visits will be spaced out further, every quarter up to a year old and later to half yearly as she reaches the age of two. Appointment with specialists if needed can be arranged by the consultatie bureau.