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Arrangements were made to have a Dutch wet nurse to come and help out with Mommy and Aisya the following day! Henny arrived Wednesday morning with all the experience and know-how of a seasoned mother and a certified nurse. She helped with the baby, with the mother, the food, the laundry, the bathroom or whatever else Mommy can find her to help out with. The bathroom tiles has never been so white and Daddy's clothes finally has the expert ironing it deserved. And everybody has a taste of meatballs and potatoes ... sans gravy!

The following week, Mommy, Aisya, Henny, Auntie Claris, Ali and Daddy formed a big happy family on Stoetenakker 8. More friends came to visit, more presents for Aisya, more flowers for Mommy and more beschuit & muisjes for everyone. Aisya was registered at the townhall in Assen on Wednesday without any problems, she's now officially Siti Aisya binti Md Nazeri, born Assen, Netherlands, date of birth 2nd July 2002.