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We didn't linger in the hospital too long, enough for Mommy to have a rest and a good once over check up by the nurse. Because the delivery itself was without complications, the hospital staff were eager to pack us home ... where could it be more comfortable if not your own home!

A couple of "beschuit & muisjes" (pink muisjes for girls) and koffie later between Mommy, Daddy, Bob Simmons and A. de Jong our attending nurse, Aisya was weighed in, washed up and dressed in hospital jumpers ... rather neat. Mommy was then transferred to a room to rest. Daddy took the opportunity to azan into Aisya right ear along the corridor of the maternity ward.

Later, Aisya was changed out of the hospital wear into her first jumpers a few hours later ... we all drove home at about a quarter past four and reached Stoetenakker 8 not fifteen minutes later to both the excitement of Auntie Claris and big brother Ali. We were receiving friends past five on the same day!