pasir puteh
one two Three fourfive six

By Ali's second week, a routine medical check up at Kota Bharu Medical Center revealed that he's now 3.8 kg! Eventhough he's developing small rashes at localised areas on his face, he's doing very well and growing stronger everyday. Main activities are still confined to sleeping and breastfeeding.

After almost three weeks Ali is now able to turn his body to his side while on his mat. He's also capable of pushing himself up on his legs while in the bathing tub. He's daily routine however still hasn't change much. It is still eat and sleep and eat and sleep with an occasional bawl here and there! In our suspicious minds, this keep flashing : "Maybe he's saving all the 'good stuff' until later"! Pray that he continues on his best behaviour as he has done so well these past few weeks!

Being at Grandma Kamariah's for the moment has its obvious advantages aside from the strict diet ... there's the constant monitoring, there's also someone else there other his Mommy ... the fact is ... an extra set of hands (eyes) or two is a welcome luxury as most new Mommies and Daddies can attest to. Not to mention the boundless love that all grandmas have for their latest grandchildren!

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