pasir puteh
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Over the next four weeks, both mother and baby are under the care of paternal grandmother. Confinement for Mommy is in the traditional Malay sense. With plenty of restrictions on food and 1001 other things. There are lots of massages and herb remedy as well though. We are both glad that the practice of using sauna (ie pouring water on hot rocks while you lay on makeshift bamboo beds) is no longer in fashion. Phew!

What makes it interesting is trying to reconcile the healing traditions from both the Malay and Chinese side of the family. Most foods is off limits! Each side has its own restrictions and everyone has their own valid reason as to why many things are restricted. Good that Mommy has no particular preference, taking the best of both worlds ... there's not much that she can consume. Only one undeniable fact remains ... most important that first time mothers/fathers have someone to help out and show them the ropes at this critical time. It makes a tremendous difference. Diaper changing was a challenge to us!

Ali in the meantime is enjoying all the pampering only a grandmother can give! All he does is eat and sleep with an occasional smirk, frown and smile now and again. Next stop, Grandma Loke!

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