pasir puteh
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We left KL on the 16th December for Pasir Puteh via a MAS flight from KLIA. All the while we were terribly anxious about how Ali would behave during the 5 hour long journey (picture screaming infant, screaming parents!). We left Gleneagles by car at noon for a 3 pm flight to Kota Bharu. Our destination, Pasir Puteh was still hours away! (Screaming infant ... screaming parents!)

After a minor diaper change at KLIA (the nurses at Gleneagles made it seem so easy!), plenty of coddling and breastmilk, we made our way to the Golden Lounge. Another diaper change on the coffee table at the lounge, everybody else were too busy with the free finger sandwiches to notice! When we finally boarded the plane Ali was sound asleep; got to our seat and he was still asleep, landed at Kota Bharu airport and he was STILL ASLEEP! An hours drive home later, Ali was STILL SOUNDLY ASLEEP, NOT A STIR!

By the time the luggage was in the house, we were quite relieved in the manner of which Ali was behaving, his calmness was examplary. He only woke up a few minutes later for milk and a diaper change, we couldn't have had it any easier.

One thing for sure, we wouldn't mind taking him anywhere if he's that calm among crowds and noisy airplanes! Hoping that's how he'll be always as far as airplanes and long journeys are concerned :)!

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