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Other than feeding, bathing, play and sleep are a few of the other important activities in Ali's daily life. Play during diaper change and constant "talking" from Grandma Loke are a few fun moments. He seems to enjoy all the attention given to him. Bathing used to be difficult, he cried whenever his feet touched water, now he cries when he's taken out of the tub!

Recently Mommy bought a Maya wrap from the US to carry him around the house and to go for short walks. Eventhough he looks quite cramped in it, he coos and purrs like a contented cat whenever he's in it.
Almost always he'd fall asleep in it.
Ali's first national park MNS trip was to Similajau with the twitchers from Miri branch ... not yet signed up as a member, he will be next time around. With Mommy walking about the park in his new Mayan cradle, Ali didn't see very much of the green splendour and sparkly clean beaches, he's asleep half the time he was there.
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