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By now Ali's repertoire of expressions are getting more varied and rather interesting. There's the rolling of the eyes and smiles before sleeping, the wailing of arms whenever he wants a pick up and the "I want" cry. Best is his happy expressions mixed with gum baring smile/snicker early morning when he wakes up. It's the sort of thing that starts any parents' day in an extremely positive note.
With his sleeping patterns becoming more regular, Ali causes less havoc to Mom and Dad's sleeping schedules. Now there's only two wake-ups maximum affording us some well deserved sleep especially for dear Mommie. Also thank goodness for Grandma Loke's tireless hours watching over him day and night, without which Ali may not have turn out having such sunny dispositions. He's a lucky boy ... within the span of 2-3 months, he's had the max pampering from both grandmothers!
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