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Ali in his favorite position doing his favorite thing ... sucking his thumb! He does this when he's relaxing and also when he's trying to get himself to sleep. It doesn't matter how many times you pry his thumb away from him after he's dozed off, it'll be in his mouth again in about two seconds. We have decided not to give him a pacifier as yet (even though we've bought quite a collection already months before he was born). Couldn't actually remember why we are not giving him his pacifiers! Something to do with what the grandparents said???
Ali has pretty much outgrown his car seat, we use the pram and run around the apartment whenever he feels restless. Much of his time is spent either lying on his tummy over his favorite mat or in his cot. Constantly accompanied by his soft toys, he never runs out of items to chew or nibble on. Since April his two new upper teeth are quite a mouthful, making him chew on anything he can put his gums on ... anything within arm's length. And he'd drool all over them!
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