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On the right is a first photo of the Loke family with Ali and everybody in it. Everyone gathered that Sunday to celebrate Grand Pa's birthday in April.
On weekdays Ali has the company of grandpa and grandma Loke almost exclusively. He "watches" tv with grandma and peruse thru the financial news with grandpa, adding a few pertinent comments here and there as fancy moves him. And when the aunties and uncles return from work, he has more playmates to fill up his waking moments. He just enjoys having people around him.
Entering his fourth month, Ali has started to make "talking" sounds and "laughs" when he's amused. He'd go on a lengthy "story telling" with grandma Loke whenever he's in a good mood. And he can be quite lengthy when he wants to. And he's potty trained too!

Ali still doesn't cry as much as we were expecting a child might but hey, whose complaining! He's given a bawl or two now and again but quite rarely. The loudest so far was the first day he saw Dad after a two month break. And the other occasion was the day he came back from Sepang after sight seeing at KLIA with grandparents.
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