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In KL, Ali commutes between Section 17 PJ and Istara during weekdays. Grandpa and Grandma Loke look after him while Mommy goes to work. He gets to play with Uncle Jay, Auntie Claris, Uncle Richard and Auntie Uwin whenever these guys are around. He seems to revel in the undivided attention showered on him in PJ. Mommy picks him up again after work, normally by the time Ali gets back to Istara, he'll have just enough time for supper before bedtime.
We are not quite sure how the commuting is affecting our little boy, but considering the positive stimulation and care he receives at the grandparents', the daily half hour commute to and fro may be worth the effort. At times it feels rather weird being a parent but not quite having gone thru the full ritual of parenting especially the part where you're supposed to dote on them day in day out.
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