I flew in to KL on the 8th of December to be with Clare and the baby in preparation for delivery. After consulting with Dr Aziz and deliberating for almost two days, we finally decided for an induction birth. Dad (now Grandpa Loke) drove us to Gleneagles on the 10th and we checked in!

After waiting for almost 3 hours, Doctor Aziz finally came in at 11 pm and administered the medication. Throughout the night Clare's contractions and the baby's heartbeat were closely monitored. By 8 am the next day, there was still no sign of the baby.

At 9 am another dose was administered and the waterbag was manually punctured, not 2 hours later Ali arrived! Monday 11:08 am, 11.12.2000, we became proud parents of a healthy baby boy, the waiting is over ... our parents are now gramps! It's the most overwhelming feeling ever ... seeing him screaming as he appeared and at the same moment finally realising the gravity of parenthood for the first time.

Friends and family were immediately notified. Limbs counted, grandsparents reassurred! We ourselves have become the proudest parents.

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