I started making photos with a Minolta X-700 in 1985. These days I squander whatever income I make on ebay.de, 40x40cm enlargements and films.
Early influences.

I didn't own a camera till 1984. An Olympus RF point and shoot was handed to me by my eldest brother as a going away present just as I was about to board a plane for prep school.

But before then, there's always a camera nearby if not in the house. When I was younger I remember mother always having a semipro to the house to take semi formal portraits of the family. The usual headshots or of posed family members ... classic pose all over the house.

Even earlier than that I remember our numerous family trips to the photo studio. We'd all be dressed up, carted to the studio on dad's Vespa. These photos are still around, they are always a delight to look at.

This site is mainly aimed as a vehicle for sharing information about the tools of photography as well as the photographs with a wider community ... family members, friends and fellow enthusiasts.