I am an ardent fan of Nikkor optics, now also of Leitz, Canon FDs, Rokkors and Zuikos. Eventhough I have gone into MF in big way, I am not quite ready to totally abandon the smaller format. For grab shots, portability and TTL metering 35mm still tops.

Nikon FM2n+AI135/2.8
Nikon F2 Chrome/50/2.0 NGK Nikon FA+AIS50/1.8
Nikon F2 Black+35/1.4 NGK Nikon F4s+AF85/1.4ED
Leica R3+Elmarit 135/2.8 Leica R7+Elmarit 90/2.8
Canon A1+FD100/2.8 SSC Minolta SRT101+MC55/1.7
Olympus OM1 Olympus OM2n+Zuiko 50/1.8
Olympus OM4 (returned) Olympus OM2+28/2.8+winder
Olympus OM2n Minolta SRT100x
Minolta XG2 Polaroid SX-70 Alpha
Wish list: Leica R6.2, Canon F1, Nikon F